Date: 2007.12.28
        Time: 7:20pm
        Mood: annoyed

Life has a funny way of helping you out

Once again, oh that great song ironic by alanis morissette
you must mock me once again,
life has a funny way, of helping you think everything's
gone wrong and then everything blows up in your fa-ace

its that cursed car of mine again
i got into an accident last night
was driving near my house, and in the middle
of the street was some stupid dog
so i swerved around it, which sends my car into the curb
which then knocks off both of my hubcaps
and basically bends the wheel so its off alignment
i'm ok, the dogs ok, the whole world is hunky dory
my car.. not so ok. lol i mean it still got me to work
but i rather not trust it to transport other lives
if i have a choice of course,
hopefully this will not detour my plans for tomorrow
i think i'm going to borrow my mother's car
so we're still on, if everything goes right
i also went to the haight today with my bro
and you can clearly tell that the wheels are off
just by looking at my steering will, it keeps
.. iono the word i'm lookin for.. jiggling?
sure lets go with that, my bro says it sounds like a train.
i think it just makes me angrier about my car
i tell my mom about it, and she says i should
get it fixed, but i say i want a new car
but the problem with that.. is i have no money
my mom tells me i have a savings account
a secret account left from my grandmother,
0.0 SHOCK ENSUES i had no idea i had money hidden away.
i asked her how much she says, "Enough to buy a car"
which doesn't exactly relieve me, cuz i still feel
like i don't want to tap into those funds until
i'm ready to buy a house or sumtin.. but iono
desperate times call for NEW CAR!! well maybe just
a used one, until i can learn how to do that thing
known as saving money.. ugh.. why am i so terrible at that..
anywho, i'm at work, so i should get back to work

i do plan to make a post about christmas
when i get the time.. until then TAKE CARE!!
.. and my car does sound like a train.. a big annoying train

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        Date: 2006.04.08
        Time: 2:34pm
        Mood: giddy

daylight, i must wait for the sunrise

so things are lookin up for the better.
turns out my dad said we could come back monday night.
so then i can go and still make it in time
for my tuesday classes and my midterm
of course i didn't study for it yet... at all
the last midterm i did i didnt study AT ALL oy.. lazy bum i m
and i got a 60% by just using logic.
but i definitely don't want to have to rely on that everytime.

So it's all good, and might just work out in the end

Look, a new day, has begun

"and life has a funny way, of helping you out when you think everything is ok" or not ok.

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        Date: 2005.04.05
        Time: 7:40am
        Mood: enthralled

Friends only re-reposted

Due to my journal being re~sexified and edited altogether, naturally i needed a new "friends only banner"

Image hosted by

I know what you're thinking, why would someone have such a sexy livejournal layout,
and a paid account, and only have one post up?
Don't be foolish, of course i update, i update like every other day
I just have friends only entries.
Of course i strongly advise that if you don't like "^________^" or "^^" or "T_T" poppin up everywhere in my entries, you might wanna rethink adding me.
But if you want to still read, then you'll just have to add me.
Or suffer not knowing what happens in my everyday boring life!! BWAHH!!
Most likely I'll add you back.
... unless i find out you have rabies or sumtin.


v. re·newed, re·new·ing, re·news v. tr.
1. To make new or as if new again;

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