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I'm the smooth operator

that gets the job done.

Astro Sex Me
16 March 1986
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I'm under teh spell forrealz.

Doko kara start shiyou?

Names: Vince, Vincent, and Dong
And yes even the artist formally known as Robert.

Santora tsuki no LOVE STORY stars for sure!

About Meh:
Please beware of "^_______________^;" i'm sorrie i can't help myself.

Friends + Sushi + Tennis = ME doin This ^_______________^;

So if you can't figure out from that ^ , i love to play tennis.
I also love to dance!! but what downe guy doesn't like to?
And i'm currently obsessed with the japanese artists that go by the name of


V - E - R - Bizzle - A - to the Lizzle is a genius.
and anyone who makes a song with BoA obviously is awesome fo sho!
oh yah dj taku is kewl too.

My favorite songs of m-flo
m-flo loves BoA - love bug
m-flo loves chemistry - astrosexy
m-flo loves ai, hinouchi emi, and rum - starstruck
m-flo loves yoshika - let go
m-flo loves EMYLI and DIGGY-MO' - dopamine

don't tell me doin the whole "loves" thing isn't genius i mean c'mon
it'd be like:
Ciara loves Missy Elliot - 1,2 step
Linkin Park loves Jay-Z - Numb Encore
Brandy loves Monica - That boy is mine
Usher loves Alicia Keys - My Boo
Frankie J loves Baby Bash - Obsession
awesome no?

I plan on attending SFSU in the fall semester of 2005, yah i'll be a year behind everyone my age, oh poo... oh wellz GO GATORS!! >,<

by the way my layout pwns joo!!
It is l337! Made by the ever so wonderful happysky

Vince <-- loves to make new friends, so if you wanna be friends, just add me and i'll add you back. When i get the chance of course.
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List of RL friends YO!!

Nickname/ Real Name/ Username
Alex - fireemblempride
Alfred - surfintiger69
Angela - candyinh3ll
Amy - kissmebebe
Adam H - arcanewisdom
Adeliz - sum_one_653
Alexia - olivepickngreek
Andy - legolasjr
Brad - andromeda_sky
Brian - lil_b3e
Cathryn - nakoruru13
Cerena - blackcat94015
Christina - sexwithmonkeys
Daryl - nolite_amare
David - brummel_beans
Derick - derikku
Ferdinand - to_gb
Elizabeth - dreamli21
Jason - buttafoco
Jess - lilciajessie
John Michael - zede
Jossle - jossleitup
Justine - joruri
Karen - next4exits
Lily - dizzydive
Lizzie - nerd_dot_html
Luis - dramafreak121
Mikey - notaless
Michelle - hey_butt
Matt - pyneapple_sushi
Margaret - intrgalacticsex
Merisenda - moyru
Natasha - oodlesnoodles
Laura - flyingteapot
Rachel C - hey_booger
Rachel Y - happysky
Rachel Y - grandprix
Rachel - rachisasquare
Sam - psishock3
Stephanie - gaimung
Sylvia - anko
Tiffany - palespider
Vicky - halffling
Wanny - asianess

DDR is love.

Marriage is love.

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative Gaming.
Gaming Logos
Gaming is love.

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